MI Country Mama

A natural bath and  body product company.

We specialize in  cold process soap and  shampoo bars, lotion bars, lip balms, and  other body products. We  use  natural and  organic ingredients with the  end  user in  mind. With a  nice selection of  items for  everyone. Check out  our  full line below.

Why Choose Us?

This company was founded on the belief that natural and organic ingredients and using what mother nature provides can bring you back to your old self. After years of reading box store labels for body products and not understanding the words written on the labels. This company decided it was time to revert back to the basics and use things that are real and found in nature. While many ingredients are certified organic many are instead wild foraged or locally sourced. We try to use minimal packaging and recyclable containers when needed. Everyday we think a little bit about how we are doing our part to give back to mother nature. 

About Us

Danielle Rhoades

store owner

I started this company after years of making these products for myself. I made the switch to more natural options after struggling with issues of my own. After conquering my fear and taking the plunge into hand making all of these amazing products I've never looked back. I try to do what I believe is best for my family and my company.